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Incredimate provides a world-class introduction to 2D animation services inscribed with rich creativity and innovation along with intuitive outcomes. Our 2D animation services range from character creation, 3D to 2D animation videos, 2D game assets, whiteboard explainer videos, and a lot more that strive in creating and delivering the most eye-catching outcomes no matter what audience group you want to capture. Whether it’s a corporate animation requirement or an appealing advertisement for social media to gain the attention of the maximum possible audience using the latest industry tools and technologies, we excel in all of that. Our highly talented and experienced artists are the best at creating realistic figures to make your business stand out.

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At Incredimate, we focus on absorbing the most eye-catchy tactics from the latest tools and market trends and incorporate those tactics, technologies, formats. We guarantee a seamless experience for your business needs while under our roof. When you choose Incredimate as the 2D animation service for your business, we ensure that nothing comes in the way of delivering the most appealing result close to how you envisioned the outcome. From utilizing the latest software for 2D animation to innovative styles in animation, our experienced animation crew has the edge over everything in the trends and can handle various types of 2D animations. Some of our services are described below briefly. skilled professionals who keep track of everything from robust planning and strategies to communicating with you to get an idea about your brand, audience, and requirements.

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Types of 2D Animation

The technique of creating and displaying characters and scenarios in a two-dimensional space is called 2D animation and there are several types of 2D animations that make a picture come alive on a screen. Today, in this article we will be talking about these types of 2D animations services and Incredimate, a 2D animation studio in India.


Explainer videos are generally short type videos that are made for advertising and marketing any services or products. It is proven that animated videos are the most eye-catching ads of all time, so short animated videos are made that highlight the main product or service of the targeted company. Animated explainer videos are considered over other normal explainer videos because of their quality of cheap and quick production. Explainer videos are more educational format videos, so everyone will love to see an animated scene rather than a simple man standing and talking. Some famous explainer video ideas include chalkboard, infographic, motion graphic, etc. At Incredimate, one of the best explainer video formats is created and delivered to the clients. They provide ultimate 2D animated videos that can draw an audience with keen interest.

Whiteboard animation videos are made with creative ideas and graphics that deliver the right idea or motto of the product/service to the targeted audience. Whiteboard animations are generally short videos that make complex information more understandable. Whiteboard animation videos are designed like they are hand-drawn on a normal whiteboard or white background. They are made by using simple and easy graphics that are easily understandable. Previously, Whiteboard animations were made by drawing physical drawings on a white background but now the Incredimate, a 2D animation service in Mohali have made whiteboard animations easier and less time-consuming by digital processes, and now you can focus on your content rather than worrying about drawings.

Generally, you all must have heard about 2D and 2D animation types, but 2.5D animation is a 2D animation type that is counted in between the 2D and 3D animation. In 2.5D animation, the 3D objects and characters are used in a 2D background. The background is based in a 2D environment but the characters and objects are in 3D. At Incredimate, 2.5D animations are made and the mixture of 2D and 3D textures the objects come alive as a center of attraction. 2D animation service is provided by the incredimate for the best and unique 2D animation films. This technique provides a unique feel to the objects that are easily observed by the viewers and the information is relayed effortlessly.

Isometric animation is another 2D animation service that uses a mixture of the 2D and 3D animation technique and makes a unique animation environment that is used to produce special advertisements, videos, 2D game assets, business presentations, and especially for different anime videos. The isometric videos are made by finalizing 3D objects, characters, and scenes on a 2D surface. The Incredimate company is an expert at creating perfect isometric videos by merging the perfect ratios of 2D and 3D textures. They create extraordinary games, advertisements, company products, and service informational videos, and many more unique animation videos with the help of isometric animation techniques. This type of video helps the viewers to understand the moto better and easily.

Typography is one of the most famous and cheapest forms of advertisement and short video making. They are created by using kinetic typography or simply called moving texts. Generally, typography is a set of words presented uniquely in an explainer video over a period of time to explain the concept and ideas of the business better. They are also used in several short videos, games, and advertisements. At Incredimate, there are several typography experts that help and create great kinetic typography that can boost your content by a great margin and make your video more interactive.

Character animation is one of the most important parts of 2D animation service, in this type the animation characters and objects are brought to life. They are brought to motion and movements are added to the simple characters. Characters for 2D animation are used to explain the purpose of the video and the mottos of the company’s product/service. This process helps the viewers to understand and get the information from the video easily, and here at Incredimate, the character animation is taken into priority list to deliver the best 3D to 2D animation videos.

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Why choose Incredimate Studio?

Our rich portfolio of being a part of diverse and ground-breaking 2D animation projects makes our 2D animation service firm the most reliable. We also offer various 2D animation examples to help you understand our services better before you start with us. Moreover, being the best 2D animation company in India, Incredimate believes customer feedback and satisfaction are a key role in shaping the 2D animation outcome as well. We constantly keep in touch with you to take inputs and feedback that prove vital in improving quality. So, when you hire us as your 2D animation service provider, you’ll be in a constant feedback loop, give your opinions, and see your own ideas implemented in the project.