2D Design

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2D Designing

2D designing is the process of making characters and objects that are used in 2D animations. They are simply flat or two-dimensional figures and images that are further used in video games, animation videos, etc. Here at Incredimate, 2D designs are made with two techniques that include computer-aided graphics and hand-drawn images. There are different softwares that help in drawing and designing 2d designs on the computer and visualize their creativity, and one such software is CAD. You can make your 2d design with CAD and render the project to visualize and see your concepts moving.

2D designs are also used for making several logos and brandings for different companies and services. The 2D designs are also used to carve characters and different assets for video games and different animated videos and shows. These designs are made by highly professional drawers and artsmen at the Incredimate with care and quality.

2D Design

Types of 2D Design

There are several processes and types of 2D designs that are demanded in the market by companies and different production companies of games and videos and are made at the Incredimate. Let's check the different type of 2D designings that are ruling the market now.

Logos are one of the most basic forms of 2D designing and is one of the most popular and demanded forms in the market. All companies from lower scale to bigger scale need logos and branding for their products and services, production houses also need logos and brandings for their movies, videos, and video games. The logos and brandings are basically made on the concept of 2D designing with the help of 2D designing software such as CAD or are simply made by individual drawing skills. There are mainly two logo design types that include animated moving logos and still designer logos that depict artistic designs.

At the Incredimate professional and experienced designers are hired that have outstanding skills in logo design making and they make designs that can appeal to a wide range of viewers with a clear understanding and visualization.

Video games and other forms of mobile and web games require characters and objects that are made with the help of 2D design. Every game character has a unique feature that differentiates it from the other characters or objects, and the Incredimate every small detail is kept in mind and the designs are made flawless. 2D game characters are made in 2D design by creating the characters with different movements on different pages and they are then combined sequentially to make it look like they are moving. These 2D game characters are then layered in different levels for giving it depth and texture and then different colors are added to the layers for making the characters look more interesting.

After the 2D game characters, it is important to frame the assets in the video game so that the characters can adapt to it. The game assets include every other thing of the video game such as background, objects, and in-depth geometry of the characters and objects. The game assets also include the sound and music of the video game. Mainly, the graphics are made and nurtured with the help of 2D design. The 2D designing processes are used to add texture, color, depth, and motion to the graphics of the character, background, and other elements present in the video game. Incredimate keeps a special track that the game assets are treated delicately to make the video games more special and lively.