Do you want to know the secret to bring life to an animated video? The characters in it! From stylized toon characters to realistic character designs, our well seasoned team of 3D character artists can turn your weirdest ideas into actual character models. 

With 10+ years of experience in the industry, we’ve sharpened our skills  and developed a unique artistic style that sets us apart from the rest. Hire 3D character artists from our 3D character modeling company and experience the difference. 


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    Why Are We The Best 3D Character Artists in India?

    At Incredimate, we understand that a good character design is important for any sort of animated video. That’s why we take extra care and precision while designing and modeling characters for you. 

    Our custom created characters are modeled to fit in with your ideas. This is possible due to our expertise in all art styles. So, whether you want a realistic human character model or a toon style monster, we can design and model it for you.

    3D Photorealsitc Characters

    Want to create characters that can be hardly distinguished from real life humans? That’s exactly what you get here! Our team of character designers and character modellers are experts when it comes to creating photorealistic characters for games and animation.

    Stylized 3D Characters

    We can whip up an out-of-the-world AAA – quality character for you that can be compatible from WebGL platforms to gaming consoles. From fantasy to sci-fi, we can design characters that fit into your ideas very naturally. So, drop in your idea and let’s get started.

    3D Creature Modeling

    If you are looking for a 3D creature character modeling service, look no further! From sea monsters to aliens with bat wings, our 3D character artists can bring life to your ideas, no matter how crazy they might seem. Whether you want a realistic creature for your game or a toon style monster for your animated video, we can do it for you!


    Expert in AAA Quality Art

    We take pride in delivering nothing less than the highest quality artwork. Our team consists of seasoned professionals who have honed their skills working on AAA games and top-tier projects.

    Various Art Styles

    We understand that every character modeling project has its own unique requirements and demands a distinct artistic style. That's why we offer a diverse range of art styles to choose from. Our team can adapt and bring your vision to life in a style that perfectly complements your project's theme.

    Senior Level Specialists

    We don't settle for anything less than the best, which is why our studio is staffed with senior-level specialists. Our talented artists have years of experience under their belts and have worked on numerous successful projects.

    Time Efficiency

    We understand the importance of meeting deadlines and keeping your project on track. Our team is highly efficient and skilled at managing their time effectively. You can rely on us to deliver high-quality character designs within the agreed-upon timelines.


    Check out our amazing VR/VR/MR/XR projects. 


    What is 3D character modeling?

    3D character modeling refers to the process of creating a three-dimensional representation of a character using specialized software. It involves sculpting and shaping a digital model to bring the character’s appearance and features to life.

    What industries benefit from 3D character modeling services?

    Several industries can benefit from 3D character modeling services, including animation studios, game development companies, advertising agencies, film and television production houses, architectural firms, and even e-learning platforms. Any industry that requires engaging and visually appealing characters can benefit from these services.

    How long does it take to create a 3D character model?

    The time required to create a 3D character model can vary significantly depending on factors such as complexity, level of detail, and the artist’s experience. We can model a simple character model in 2-4 days, while highly detailed and realistic characters may take several weeks.

    How can 3D character design help strengthen my brand?

    3D character design can significantly strengthen your brand by giving it a unique and recognizable visual identity. A well-designed character can become the face of your brand, making it more relatable and memorable to your target audience. By incorporating the character into your branding materials, advertisements, and online presence, you can establish a consistent and cohesive brand image.

    Can the 3D character models be customized to align with my specific requirements and preferences?

    Yes! 3D character models can be customized to match your specific requirements and preferences. Our skilled 3D character artists and modelers will work closely with you to understand your vision and bring it to life. They can adapt the character’s appearance, clothing, poses, and expressions according to your specifications, ensuring that the final result aligns perfectly with your project’s needs.

    What level of involvement can I have in the 3D character design process?

    As a client, you can have a significant level of involvement in the 3D character design process. You can collaborate with the designers and provide input at various stages, such as sharing concept art, providing feedback on initial designs, and requesting revisions. This ensures that the final character model aligns with your vision and meets your expectations.

    Can the 3D character models be optimized for real-time applications or specific platforms?

    Absolutely! If you plan to use the 3D character models for real-time applications, such as video games or virtual reality experiences, the models can be optimized to ensure smooth performance and efficient rendering. The 3D modeling service provider can optimize the models by reducing polygon counts, optimizing textures, and implementing suitable rigging and animation techniques, tailored to the specific platforms or applications you intend to use.

    What are the deliverables I can expect from 3D character modeling services?

    The deliverables from 3D character modeling services typically include the final 3D character models in the desired file format, such as OBJ, FBX, or STL, along with any accompanying texture files. Depending on your project requirements, the deliverables may also include rigging data for animations, blendshapes for facial expressions, and additional documentation or guidelines for utilizing the character models effectively.

    How can 3D character design services add value to my project?

     3D character design services add value to your project by providing professional expertise and specialized skills in creating visually appealing and engaging characters. The expertise of the 3D modeling team ensures high-quality character models that align with your project’s goals, enhancing the overall visual appeal and narrative impact of your work. Additionally, outsourcing 3D character design allows you to focus on other aspects of your project, saving time and resources while achieving outstanding results.

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    Alejandro Diaz

    I had the pleasure of working with Incredimate’s motion capture suit for my game development project, and I must say, it was a lifesaver! The motion capture team at Incredimate integrated the captured data into our game very seamlessly. The animations were smooth, natural, and added a whole new level of immersion to our gameplay

    Dinesh Patel

    Incredimate’s motion data clean-up service is simply outstanding! They took our raw motion capture data and transformed it into a flawless animation with impeccable precision. Every subtle movement was refined to perfection, resulting in animations that exceeded our expectations. The attention to detail and commitment to quality were truly remarkable. I highly recommend their motion data clean-up service to anyone looking to elevate the realism and authenticity of their animations.

    Fatima Al-Hussein

    Fatima Al-Hussein

    The talent and creativity of Incredimate animators bring our characters to life in a way that cross our imaginations. We didn’t have to buy a motion capture suit because they already had it. Cost of service and quality of service was very very nice. This is a very good motion capture studio.