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3D Design

What is 3d Designing?

3D designing is made by the use of several 3D modeling computer software. A character or object is created in a 3 dimensional way with the help of computer 3D modeling software. Incredimate uses CAD software to make designs in a three-dimensional area and provides 3D design and printing services. The 3D design jobs are simply made with either regular shapes like round, rectangle, and square or are made by complex polygon models that give depth and texture to the design. These two making processes are different by the time consumed and the level of hard work required and they also require different software for 3d design.

3D designs are also made by scanning real-life objects into the computer and turning them into a graphical form. This process consumes the least time but it can be a bit costly as it needs a real object and high-level gears for scanning and turning it into a graphical form.

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Types of 3D Design

There are several types of 3D designs that are used by various departments and companies on smaller to bigger scales. Incredimate have highly skilled and experienced designers that provide 3D designing services of many types with the help of many processes. Some of the top types of 3D designs for printing are:


Character designing is one of the most demanded and popular 3D design services in the market. All production houses of video games and video films want 3d characters for their games or videos, and Incredimate is a company that is one of the finest in creating 3D character designs with the help of the latest computer software. 3D character designs are basically made by designing 3D models with the help of different shapes and forms of polygons in 3D modeling software. These character designs are then used in making 3D animation by placing them into a 2D or 3D background with other objects and combining them with other assets.

It is made by one more process in which the real-life characters are scanned into a computer and then they are turned into a graphical representation with the help of computer software.

Product design is another type of 3D design that is demanded by different companies and individuals for their products and services. Incredimate provides all the solutions to your queries regarding 3D product designing, they offer great packages and deals for product designs to corporate dealings. The product niche and ideas are taken from the client and their vision is analyzed for a better outcome. Then the creative team at Incredimate starts making the 3D models of the product or the service by mixing their creativity with the vision of the client, and then a masterpiece 3D Product design is created with the help of computer software.

3D product designs are very eye-catching and are specially made to catch the attention of the viewers with attractive graphics and colors. The main motive of Product design lies in delivering the product features and motto to the customers of the company so a 3D product design does the work and makes the delivery crystal clear.

After developing 3D game characters, the next most crucial thing comes to developing game assets. This is necessary as proper framing of the assets in the 3D video game helps the game characters blend in with the background, sound, and motion. Game assets comprise everything you can think of apart from characters in the video game. Thus, it includes the background, objects, in-depth geometry, VFX sound effects, and much more. The Incredimate is one of the best graphic designing firm and we treat 3d game asset creation as a passion and we ensure all aspects are kept open to an opinion by the client for improved outcomes. We put in our years of experience and true passion in any project with utmost care to make the final video game look more appealing and lively.

Environment or Background Design is one more crucial point in the 3D designing process. Without a proper environment or background, all the characters and objects would look incomplete and meaningless. The Background brings depth and texture to the characters, and a 3D background designing is very important for a 3D video game or video, as it makes the characters more alive and makes the movements of the characters swift. Incredimate has a professional and experienced group of teams that can make clear and interesting Background design with the help of the latest 3D design softwares and individual art skills.