Pardeep Kumar

CEO & Founder

Our CEO, Pardeep Kumar, has spent a decade immersed in the realm of professional animation, driven by a passion for harnessing the potential of animation and technology to shape the world we live in. 

His journey from an animation enthusiast to a CEO was undoubtedly an extraordinary one. With his wacky yet ingenious approach to animation, he continues to inspire the world and prove that with a bit of magic and a lot of passion, anything is possible in the realm of animation.

Pardeep Kumar is the human embodiment of his team’s wildest dreams. He leads by showing his crew how to embrace their quirks. With his infectious energy and vibrant personality, he inspires us to be responsive, passionate and friendly. ‘

It is no wonder that with a CEO so cool, the team and creations are bound to be beyond incredible.


Clayton Von Isaac

Director of incredimate LLC

Clayton Von Isaac is a seasoned entrepreneur and co-founder of Incredimate. With over years of experience founding and running multiple successful companies, Clayton brings a wealth of business expertise to Incredimate. 

His entrepreneurial journey began with the launch of Von Isaac Photography, a renowned photography. After establishing his photography business, Clayton sought new challenges and co-founded Day Dreamer Productions, a film production company focused on creating compelling documentaries and corporate videos.

Clayton’s most recent entrepreneurial endeavor is Metro Chimney, a masonry solutions company. As co-founder of Incredimate, Clayton draws on his broad experience of having conceived, launched and scaled multiple highly successful ventures. His proven business acumen, creativity, and vision will contribute immense value to the leadership team as Incredimate continues rapidly expanding and establishing itself as an industry leader.

Get To Know More About Us?

Established in February 2021, Incredimate is a whimsical blend of art and tech wizardry. Despite our tender age, we’re a tight-knit family forged by our CEO’s decade-long animation experience.

Our mission? To breathe life into your wildest imaginations through meticulously crafted creations. Our seasoned team, versed in the skills of both artistry and technology, is here to make your ideas shine on a global scale.

Our team works tirelessly, conjuring visual marvels that’ll make your next project pop! In just 26 months, we’ve grown from a one-man army to a harmonious family of 50+ artists, all thanks to our team’s incredible skills.

So, let’s join forces for your next endeavor and witness animations created with cutting-edge tech and dedicated animators. Become part of Incredimate’s extraordinary journey today!

Our Team

Our team is a diverse and dedicated group of individuals who are passionate about achieving our goals.

Astarte Rowe

Innovation Manager (Europe)

As our Innovation Manager for Europe, Asta Rowe is a catalyst for growth and success, navigating the complex landscape of the European business market with finesse. Her passion for driving success and her commitment to excellence make her a trusted partner for businesses across Europe.

Aparna Thakur

Human Resource and Finance Director

As our Senior Human Resources Manager, Aparna Thakur brings her 4 years of formidable expertise and a dash of technological prowess to our dynamic team. Armed with an M.Tech-EPDT degree and a wealth of prior experience, Aparna is equipped with the precise capabilities needed to manage a technological firm with finesse.

Shivam Bhatt

Web & App’s Technical Head

Shivam, a visionary web developer, crafts visually stunning narratives with boundless imagination and innovative flair. His versatility effortlessly merges contemporary aesthetics with a nostalgic charm, resulting in designs that not only captivate but endure. Shivam’s creations go beyond mere visual appeal, leaving a lasting impression on the viewer’s mind.

Simardeep Sam

Digital Marketing Head

Our Digital Marketing Director, Simardeep Sam, leads the way with 7 years of expertise in the world of Digital Marketing. With his expert advice and deep understanding of Digital Marketing principles, he brings dreams to life and inspires.

Sukhinderjeet Singh

3D Art Director Our 3D Art Director,

Sukhinderjeet Singh, leads the way with 9 years of expertise in the world of 3D animation. With his expert eye for detail and a deep understanding of 3D art principles, he brings dreams to life, sculpting digital landscapes that mesmerize and inspire.

Karanveer Singh

Animation Director

As our Animation Director, Karanveer Singh leads the way, guiding and inspiring our talented team of animators with his visionary approach. With 5 years of experience in the animation industry, Karanveer’s creative genius is unrivaled, breathing life into characters, worlds, and stories with his expert touch.

Ajay Singh

Director of PR & Marketing

As the Business Development Manager at Incredimate, Ajay Singh ignites a magnetic spark that propels our growth to extraordinary heights. With his unmatched charisma and strategic acumen, he captivates clients and converts prospects into loyal partners.

Piyush Kumar

Director of Visual Effects

As the Director of Visual Effects, Piyush spearheads our team of artistic wizards, guiding them through the realms of 2D animation, graphics, motion graphics and mesmerizing visual effects. With his 5 years of expertise in the field, our team transforms ideas into breathtaking visuals that leave audiences spellbound.

Vikas Singh

Gaming Director

Vikas Singh, our Gaming Director, is the visionary force behind the creation of captivating and immersive gaming experiences. With a deep understanding of Unity and its limitless possibilities, he leads our team to push the boundaries of interactive entertainment.

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