5 Things To Consider When You Hire A 3D Animation Company

Thinking of hiring an animation studio? There is a wide array of 3D animation companies around the world. However, you can’t really dive in without equipping yourself with a secure checklist. Follow these tips to ensure a very seamless and smooth working experience with 3D animation studios around the world....

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3D animation has been a trendsetter with the rise of the AR/VR industry. There is no doubt that with major brands indulging into 3D animated advertisements, every business is in a rush to hire a 3D animation studio for themselves too. 

There are numerous animation companies in India and around the world. Choosing the right animation studio can actually make or break your imagination. 

However, good things take time and caution. Investing into the right 3D animation company can turn your next project into an overnight success. On the other hand, not thoroughly researching could actually turn your expectations into a flop show. 

So, if you want to know how to hire the right 3D animation company for your business, this blog will serve as a perfect checklist. 

#1 Research on the 3D animation studio you plan to hire

Let’s say you plan to hire an artist to paint your portrait. Would you head in blind or actually select an artist with the best work and reputation? You’d obviously look into the best person. Then why not maintain the same curiosity and caution when it comes to hiring a 3D animation studio

Animation studios are a dime a dozen these days, with new ones popping up every month. However, you can’t just take a stab in the dark and start off with your project. When it comes to choosing a 3D animation studio, you need to take a look at their portfolio as well as brand reputation. 

Evaluate their animation portfolio

Each stroke of a brush, each frame of animation, tells a story of the studio’s skill and vision. A studio’s portfolio is a window into their capabilities. 

Your choice should be a 3D animation company with high quality work. Are the visuals crisp and polished? Does the animation flow smoothly? The quality of their work should make you say, “Wow, that’s impressive!”

Another thing you must notice in their portfolio is art style. Do they have a specific art style or are they a versatile 3D animation company that can work with any art form? Therefore, this might help you list down what animation studio can create something within your requirements. 

Now if you are not from the animation industry, let us give you a heads up on where you can find an animation studio’s portfolio. Simply head to their portfolio page or you can even check out their ArtStation, Behance and Vimeo profiles

Get To Know Their Reputation In The Industry

The only thing that can help you differentiate between authentic 3D animation companies and imposters is client testimonials. A studio’s industry reputation illuminates their standing among peers, clients, and audiences.

Animation companies usually present the testimonials they are proud of on their websites. Additionally, clients and employees usually post their experiences with the 3D animation company on platforms such as Google Reviews or Trust Pilot.

If a company’s reviews are filled with disappointing reviews and testimonials, it is a sign to go back and look for a top-rated 3D animation company. However, if they’ve received convincing praises, then you might be a step closer to finding the best 3D animation company for yourself. 

#2 Verify The 3D Animation Company‘s Technical Capabilities

If you’ve shortlisted animation companies on the basis of their portfolio and reputation, the next step is verifying their technical capabilities. Once you reach out to a 3D animation studio, make sure you ask them about their team’s qualification and animation pipeline. 

Many animation studios may not have an in-house team which can disrupt workflow. By choosing a company with strong technical expertise, you increase the likelihood of achieving your desired animation outcomes and collaborating with a partner who can bring your vision to life in the most impressive and effective manner.

Get to know about their team

It is known that art does not require a degree. It is something that comes from within. However, when working with a professional 3D animation company,  there are some technicalities that can only be seen with expertise and qualification. 

Most 3D animation studios showcase their team’s expertise and skills on their webpages. This makes it easier to familiarise yourself with the team that will be working on your project.

Understand their production process

Creating dynamic 3D animations from static ideas doesn’t happen in one go. There are many stages to creating a 3D animation. You should familiarise yourself with what their production pipeline looks like. This will help you have an insight into what you will be required to provide the team with before you get started with. 

Some companies have in-house scriptwriters and storyboard artists while some studios require you to provide such information before they can get started. Therefore, it is important to contact your 3D animation studio before confirming what they’ll be doing for you. 

#3 Highlight Budget and Time Constraints

There is no lie that the world runs on time and money. More time spent equals more money sent. Therefore it is important to specify your budget for a 3D animation project along with a deadline for the same. Many studios may be overpriced for even the smallest projects. Therefore, choose a budget friendly 3D animation studio that can adhere to deadlines.

Request Detailed Pricing and Payment Terms

When discussing a project, make sure that your terms of payments are very clear. Understanding the cost structure and payment schedule upfront will help you make informed decisions and ensure financial transparency. 

By requesting these details, you can align your budget with the animation studio’s pricing structure, creating a mutually beneficial partnership.

Discuss Project Timelines and Deadlines

When you hire a 3D animation company, it is important to specify the deadline of your project. This helps the animation team to prioritise projects and you will also have an idea of when you can expect your work to be completed. 

Additionally, you can ask your animation business partners for a well planned timeline that will be created according to the animation pipeline. This will ensure that your project is delivered on time. 

#4 Constant Updates

Imagine if you assign an animation studio with  a project only to be given an output which doesn’t really match with your exceptions. That’s months of hard work wasted. Therefore, make sure that you connect with a 3D animation studio that gives you constant updates. In this manner, you will be up to date with all the stages of your project. 

Additionally, make sure that the team has a dedicated project manager. Whether you have queries about the visual style and aesthetics of your project, concerns regarding billing and invoicing, or need assistance with preparing the final piece for your company’s internal compliance review, a dedicated project manager can provide the answers you seek.

Track Your Project Timeline

When working on an animation project, transparency is very important. Connecting with your 3D animation service providers (or designated Scrum Master) on platforms such as Teams and Slack can help you track the progress of your project. This will help you have a clear understanding of where your project currently stands, what changes have been done as well as the estimated timeline. 

#5 Creating Agreements with 3D Animation Company

When embarking on the quest of choosing a 3D animation studio, there are two factors that should never be overlooked: legal considerations and confidentiality. These aspects form the bedrock of a successful partnership, ensuring your creative vision is protected throughout the production process. 

Intellectual property rights, copyright laws, and NDAs play a pivotal role in safeguarding your creative ideas. A reputable animation studio will guide you through the intricacies of these legal frameworks, ensuring that your work remains protected from unauthorised use or infringement.

You Are Now All Set To Hire a 3D Animation Studio

Now that you have skimmed through this checklist, you are ready to hire the best 3D animation studio for your next project. 

By considering these five essential factors—company evaluation, technical capabilities, budgeting, updations and team expertise—you can confidently select the ideal 3D animation company for your business. Remember, investing in the right studio is an investment in the success of your project. So, embark on this journey with caution, and let your imagination soar under the skilled hands of your chosen 3D animation studio.



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