What Is The Cost Of Hiring A 2D Animator


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Planning to incorporate 2D animation into your business strategy? Today, there’s an array of compelling reasons to embrace motion graphics, explainer videos, or any form of 2D animation! Primarily, animated videos provide a dynamic and engaging way to communicate various messages to your target audience. They’re easy to comprehend and visually appealing. 

The types of animations and their associated costs can vary widely. If you’ve ever wondered, “How much does 2D animation cost?” fear not, as we’re here to provide you with comprehensive answers and help you plan your budget effectively. Don’t skip this article if you’re keen to understand the 2D animation cost for your project.

Top 7 Factors That Shake Up 2D Animation Costs

“You know what’s frustrating? Scouring the web for 2D animation costs only to find hidden or incomplete information. It’s like hunting for treasure in a foggy forest—maddening! So, you start contacting animation studios, and it feels like you’re on a never-ending call-a-thon. They want to know everything, from your project’s secret sauce to your grandma’s recipe for apple pie. Hours fly by, and you’re stuck in email purgatory.

“But fear not, dear reader! We’re here to save you from this wild goose chase. Below, we’re breaking down the key ingredients that cook up the price of your 2D animation:

  1. Timeline: How long will the animation project take?

Whether it’s a 10-minute explainer video or a full-length animated film, the illusion of movement is created through sequentially changing images (or frames) over time. Depending on the animation style, there can be up to 24 unique drawings shown in a single second of animation (generally, 24 frames per second). With this knowledge, you can make a rough estimate if you know your 2D animation will span, for example, 30 minutes.

  1. Complexity: How intricate will the 2D animation be?

 In addition to motion graphics, 2D animation can encompass various backgrounds, characters, sound effects, scripts, and other assets that influence the overall cost of your animated video. The complexity of a project can be gauged using a storyboard, which visually represents the animation frame by frame.

  1. Number of Characters: How many characters will be featured in the animation?

Animating a single 2D character differs significantly from animating multiple characters. The creation and rigging of characters for animation become more time-consuming and require additional professional effort as the number and complexity of characters increase.

  1. Design: What will the animation look like? 

This pertains to both motion design and the design of 2D environments and characters. Tasks include creating 2D environments, designing 2D characters, developing storyboards, selecting colours, and managing other visual elements. Don’t overlook the importance of concept artists who help shape the key ideas and concepts for your 2D animation.

  1. Additional Animation Effects: Will there be sound or a script?

Consider all extra options such as music, voiceover narration, and scripts before budgeting your 2D animation project. These additional effects can enhance the value of your animation but should align with the intended purpose of your project.

  1. Video Production Team: Who will be part of the team creating the 2D animation?

The composition of your animation team can affect the final cost. While 2D animators play a central role in the process, you may require additional support from graphic designers, artists, screenwriters, sound engineers, and others to deliver a compelling end product.

  1. Expert Qualifications: Will you hire experienced or entry-level animators? 

The expertise of the professionals you hire can impact the outcome. If you’re willing to trade speed for cost savings, you can opt for junior 2D animators or designers. Conversely, senior specialists can provide a higher level of competence and deliver a high-quality product in a shorter timeframe.

Should You Hire an Animation Studio or Freelancers?

Okay, let’s address the elephant in the room. Where do you even order these 2D animations? It’s like choosing between dining out or cooking at home. You’ve got two main options: freelancers and specialised studios. Now the question that arises is should you hire an animation studio or a freelancer? Which is better? Take a look at this comparison for a brief insight! 

2D Animation Cost Estimates Around The World

You see, companies specialising in 2D animation are scattered far and wide, from the bustling streets of the USA and Canada to the charming corners of Europe and the vibrant hubs of Asia. Wherever you look, there are 2D animation services waiting to turn your dreams into digital reality. But, oh, what’s the price tag on this fantastical journey? Let’s break it down:

2D Animation Cost in USA

Most American animation companies charge anywhere from $100 to $149 per hour. For the big players, it can even stretch to $150-$199 per hour. It’s not exactly pocket change, but hey, you’re in the land of dreams and innovation!

2D Animation Cost in Europe

European 2D animation services come at a range of hourly rates, typically between $50 and $150. The good news? You can get quality animations without breaking the bank. Europe’s got that magic touch.

2D Animation Cost in Asia

And finally, we find ourselves in the mystical realms of Asia. Here, you can hire a skilled 2D animator for an enticing $25 to $49 per hour. It might not sound dirt cheap, but wait, there’s more to the story. Even the bigwigs, the world-famous game publishers, turn to Asian companies, mostly 2D animation companies in India, for their 2D animation needs.  Why? Well, could there be anything better than low prices and  premium quality?

Outsourcing 2D Animation Can Help Save Money

Here’s the real trick. Outsourcing to an animation outsourcing company  is like summoning reinforcements for your in-house team. If you’re a few good people short on your team, consider outstaffing. You can hire 2D animators, developers, or designers for a specific period, and they’ll work seamlessly with your team, just like they’re in your office. Plus, it’s a budget-friendly move that lets you focus on your core business functions.

The result? You can save a whopping 40-60% of your total operating costs and cut down on time-to-market. All you need is an idea for your project, share it with an outsourcing company, and watch a team of seasoned specialists craft your masterpiece from scratch.

How To Budget While Hiring a 2D Animation Studio

Lastly, let’s talk about budgeting your 2D animation project. It’s like piecing together a puzzle with different factors like length, style, type, and your dream team. You’ve got two main options:

  1. The Expert’s Touch: You can reach out to a reliable 2D animation studio, spill the beans about your business needs and goals, and let them create an affordable budget.
  2. DIY Budgeting: Or, if you’ve got a budget in mind (thanks to the insights we’ve sprinkled in this article), you can head to a studio and ask them to stick to your plan.

But enough with the theory; let’s get your 2D animation project off the ground. Contact us, and we’ll whip up first-class 2D animation videos that’ll bring your vision to life and captivate your target audience. It’s time to showcase your 2D animation project with Incredimate. Book a free consultation and let’s make some animated magic together.