7 Benefits Of Hiring An Animation Studio vs. Freelancer

Are you tossing a coin to choose between an animation studio and freelance artist? Don’t shoot in the dark! Make a well researched decision to make sure your animation project gets the best service. So, let’s settle this debate for once and all! This blog is your answer to which is better- animation studio or freelancer?...

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Did an artist delay your project because his dog ate the flash drive – again? Or did the bill of an expensive animation studio make your wallet run away in fear?

If you are reading this blog, you most probably searched for an answer to one of the biggest confusions people face while hiring animation service providers. With so many freelancers and animation studios in the animation industry, you are unable to make a decision on whether you must hire an animation studio or a freelance animator.

While the idea of reaching out to a freelancer seems pocket friendly, you think that hiring an animation studio would probably be more reliable. But then again, working with a freelancer would mean less intermediates. So, what will your choice be?

Let’s get down to the basics. With an increase in WFH and self entrepreneur culture, there has been a rise in freelancers in every work industry. However this has also led to an . On the other hand, some animation studios can be pricey while promising reliability amongst other benefits.

You’ve read various blogs and they’ve given you generic pros and cons. With this war of pros & cons, it has gotten more confusing to choose sides. So, here is the definite answer to your questions on which is better – animation studios or freelancers? Take a look at this compassion between animation studios and freelancers in every aspect.

Should I Hire Animation Studio or a Freelancer

7 Benefits Of Hiring An Animation Studio vs. Freelancer

When it comes to bringing your idea to life via animation, you have a crucial choice to make: should you hire an animation studio or a freelancer? Both options have their advantages as well as drawbacks. Let’s dive into a few key factors which can help you make a well informed decision.

No More Excuses That Say “Sorry, My Great-Great Grandma Died Again”

Let’s say you’re planning to create an animated explainer video for a product launch. It is on a strict time schedule and you probably need the video in a week. 2 days before the project is due, your freelance artist says that his great grandmother got into a fight with Elon Musk and he had to help. Who would fill in? The disappointment that you face or the freelancer’s imaginary childhood friend?

Hiring a freelancer would mean that the animator will do this work according to his own schedule because they may have other commitments, which could lead to delays if they’re unable to prioritise your project. Animation studios, on the other hand, usually have a dedicated team of artists, animators, sound designers and more who are readily available to work on your project in a This can be beneficial if you have a tight deadline or a complex project that may require multiple skill sets.

Tired of Hearing Excuses? Hire an Animation Studio Instead.



More Heads Mean More Wacky Ideas

Now, imagine you’re working on a character animation project that requires a unique and engaging visual style. A freelancer will be limited to their own ideas or the references you provide. This is because freelancers, while talented, typically work in isolation, limiting the potential for collaborative brainstorming sessions.

Animation studios have a collaborative environment where artists can bounce ideas off each other, leading to creative solutions. This can be particularly advantageous when you need a fresh perspective or want to explore various concepts for your animation.

Freelancers Aren’t Born With Ten Brains

Let’s be real, freelancers are humans. You can’t really expect them to turn into Doctor Stranger. They can’t really work on your animation project, handle the budgets, schedule launch dates all while taking your dog out on a walk.

An animation studio’s project manager won’t take your dog out either but he can definitely handle the logistics of coordinating projects, ensure consistency in quality, and meet the deadlines set by you. On the other hand, a freelancer may not be able to balance the budgeting, scheduling and animation process of such a big project on their own which may lead to some issues in terms of deadlines, budgets or even quality.

Giving A Green Flag To Your Own Work Is Easy

Now, let’s say you’re creating an animated advertisement for your business. If you’ve hired an animation studio for this project, then the advertisement has passed through the eyes of multiple creative heads which ensures perfect quality. Additionally, animation studios often have established quality control processes in place, including feedback loops, revision rounds, and rigorous testing

On the other hand, if you chose a freelancer, the only person who did a quality check on this project was themselves. A freelancer might lack the same level of expertise or be limited in their ability to conduct thorough quality assessments.

What If They Say “Oh But I Can’t Draw Like This” After You Pay Them”

Consider a situation where you’re producing an animated short film with a unique artistic style. There is no doubt that every artist has his own art style that he excels in. This means that you will have to go through a huge list of freelance animators to find one that fits in well with your requirements.

On the other hand, when you hire an animation studio, you are hiring a team of artists who excel in various art styles including the one that fits in with your requirement. Therefore, bigger teams offer better artistic flexibility as compared to freelancers.

From Pixel Art to Realistic Animations, Get Them All in One Hiring!



Would You Like a Series That Looks Like Marvel One Day and Cartoon Network The Other?

Imagine you’re developing a series of animated videos for an educational platform. The first two episodes looked exactly how you wanted them to with realistic medical animations. The next episode is sent to you and it looks like the toons your 10 year old child watches all day. This may happen because a freelancer might introduce subtle variations in their work, which can impact the overall coherence of the series. While talented, freelancers may have their own artistic styles, which can sometimes result in variations between different parts of your project.

Animation studios often strive for consistency in their work, ensuring that your animation maintains a unified style and tone throughout. They can create a consistent look and feel across all videos, ensuring that the characters, backgrounds, and animation style align with your brand and target audience.

What If They Say No To Helping You Later? Sounds Scary

Imagine you encounter a technical glitch in the animation embedded into your app or website. You call your freelance artist and he says, “You’ve paid me. I won’t help anymore.” Now, this isn’t because he came out of Satan’s palace to torture you. Being a solo entity, freelancers may have limited availability or be unable to provide immediate support due to other projects that may have lined up, potentially causing delays or inconvenience.

Animation studios often offer reliable support throughout the project, even after the work is completed. They have established customer service channels and can address any technical issues or questions that may arise.

How To Hire An Animation Studio

It goes without saying that hiring an animation studio will lessen the burden you hold. All you have to do is contact an animation studio for hire, set up a project deadline and stay worry free.

While making a clear decision between hiring a freelance artist or an animation studio is important, it is also important that you know how to hire an animation studio. There are certain things to keep in mind before you hire a studio for your animation project. Make sure that you take a look at their portfolio, are aware of their brand reputation, have a pre-planned budget and much more. To know more about how to hire an animation studio, take a look at our list of things to keep in mind when hiring an animation company. In fact, we have also created a list of the best animation studios in India.

So, there you have it! We’ve evened out the playing field and helped you make a clear decision on who would be the best choice for your animation project based on your requirements. If you still have any questions, you can book a free consultation with us.