What were the Most Popular Cartoons in India from 2000 to 2015

Do you remember those lazy days when you used to lie down on your bed with your favorite snack in hand in front of the TV ready to watch the world of adventure, thrill, and comedy?
Most Popular Cartoons in India from 2000 to 2015

Do you remember those lazy days when you used to lie down on your bed with your favorite snack in hand in front of the TV ready to watch the world of adventure, thrill, and comedy? Well…those were the actual days of pure happiness! The period from 2000 to 2015 was a golden period for every kid. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s just dive into the blog where we are going to unwind some of the most popular cartoons that made their base on Indian television during that time. 

When Did the Indian Cartoons Rise

Before we dive into the Specific Shows, it’s important to understand that the early 2000s marked a cultural shift in the Indian animation industry. Before that period, most of the Animated Content used to come from International Studios, and now local animation studios have started producing their content. Studios like Incredimate have made their listing on the global map of Animation. Studios like Incredimate which is considered to be the best 3D Animation Studio in India brought a mix of traditional 2D Animation and state-of-the-art 3D Design, creating the form of Content that connects with the audience. 

Chhota Bheem

The only name that comes to mind of the audience in the realm of Indian Cartoons is Chhota Bheem which is an Indian Animated Cartoon Show portraying the Story of a little Boy named Bheem and his friends in the fictional village of Dholakpur. The Story behind Chhota Bheem is all about protecting their village from various evils that used to come time and again in each episode with a twist in the plot of the Story. The unique Characters in this Animated Cartoon were Bheem who was the main spotlight of the Cartoon, Chutki, Bheem, Jaggu, Kalia, and Raju on which the Story rotates. This Epic Cartoon animated series was first telecasted on 6 April 2008.


This Japanese Animated Cartoon Show managed to have the grip of viewers so well that made a huge impact. The major Story of Doraemon is about a Co-Protagonist named Doraemon who is a robot cat that came from the 22nd Century whose ears were chewed by a mouse and therefore, he is now afraid of all mice. The reason Doraemon goes back in time from the 22nd Century is to aid a pre-teen boy Nobita who is the main character in the Story. Doraemon has a pocket filled with some futuristic gadgets with which he helps Nobita whenever he’s in trouble. Doraemon is a fictional character that was created by Fujiko Fujio. 


Who can forget this mischievous character? This Japanese Cartoon Animated Series made its way to Indian homes and won the hearts of millions with its humor. This Show follows the adventures of a five-year-old Character ShinChan Nohara, his parents, his baby sister Himawari, his pet dog Shiro, his neighbors, and his friends. This is the Story of the city of Kasukabe in Greater Tokyo. Shinchan became the favorite of a lot of people because of its innocence and a mixture of mischievousness in childhood.

Ben 10

Ben 10 is an American Animated Show that was first released on 27 December 2005 in the USA and later cast on Indian Television as well as on Cartoon Network Channel. The Storyline of Ben 10 follows a 10-year-old Boy named Ben Tennyson who is on a family vacation and gets a watch-styled device called Omnitrix which is attached to his wrist having the feature of changing into 10 different aliens to fight the evils from Earth and Space with his Grandpa Max and his cousin Gwen. All the different aliens in the Omnitrix had different abilities so that it could help Ben fight the battle with his antagonists. Because of its action-packed series and episodes, it got the majority of the viewership.

Tom and Jerry

The list of the most popular Cartoons would remain incomplete by not adding Tom and Jerry. Tom and Jerry is an American Animated Cartoon Show that is about the rivalries between Tom the Cat and Jerry the mice. Despite being an older Show this Animated Show runs and reruns from 2000 to 2015 because of its popularity and humor. Because of the 3D character modeling of the characters, this show never feels like it is an older show because of its freshness in each episode which keeps the audience interacting with the show. This Animated Cartoon Show was first created in 1940 and to date, it has bound their audiences towards the show this is one of the Animated Cartoon Shows that is never going to get older.

Little Krishna

A Cartoon Animated Series that is based on Lord Krishna and his life of childhood adventures and it became very famous among young ones. This show is all about the early life of Lord Krishna which showcases the joyful nature of Krishna. This Animated cartoon Show has some captivating animation techniques that include some quality-based 3d design which is as good as the Incredimate’s which is also known to be the best 3d design Studio in India. A major fact that this cartoon Show was loved by a lot of people was because of its storytelling which is ground to the Indian Culture.  


The period from 2000 to 2015 was a golden era for the Cartoon Shows. Whether it was local heroes like Chhota Bheem and Little Krishna or international Characters like Doraemon and ShinChan. They all brought immense joy to every kid’s life. Studios like Incredimate play a significant role in the Creation of these Animated Cartoon Shows where 3d modeling and design are used in the creation of those cool and captivating Animations.

Frequently Asked Questions

The reason why Chhota Bheem became this popular in India is because of its Character and its history. The people who loved the show were eager to know the life that was full of adventures of Chhota Bheem filled with dun and joy. 

Japanese Cartoon Animated Series like ShinChan and Doraemon became famous in India because of their Characters, Stories, and unique humor that was filled in each episode.

Indian Animation Studios like Incredimate, create some high-quality content that is liked by both parents and kids so that they get to know about the animation principles as well.

Cartoons like ShinChan, Doraemon, Tom, and Jerry are the most liked Cartoon Animated Shows of all time and are being screened to date. 

The role that Indian Mythology has played in the creation of some Indian Cartoon Animated Shows are the mythological values that people now aren’t aware of blending with the mixture of Animations. 



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