The Ultimate Guide To Outsourcing Animation In India

If you’ve been thinking of outsourcing your animation projects to Indian animation studios, you are in the right place. Learn everything about outsourcing from benefits to types of animation services that can be outsourced by reading this blog....

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Have you gotten tired from multitasking the various processes that come under animation? Or maybe 24 hours in a day aren’t enough to get your project completed at the deadline? The issues may be many; the solution is already in your head – outsourcing animation may save the day! 

The fact that you are reading this blog means that you’ve tried growing 3 more hands but since that wasn’t possible, you’ve turned to the idea of outsourcing. Now, whether you are hearing of animation outsourcing for the first time or are thinking of availing it , this blog will guide you through hiring an outsource animation company.

What Is Animation Outsourcing?

Let’s say you are a gaming company developing a highly anticipated video game. Your game requires extensive animation for character movements, cutscenes, and special effects. Due to limited resources and tight deadlines, creating this game has become difficult. So naturally, you’ll start looking for other companies that can jump in to help you. This is animation outsourcing. 

Put into simple words, animation outsourcing is  a process where game developers or even animation studios outsource their animation needs to third-party animation companies that specialise in creating high-quality animations.

If outsourcing animation services still seems sketchy, here’s a fun fact! If you are Marvelite like me, you probably went crazy when you saw the Wakanda battle scene in “Avengers: Endgame.” Want to know something even crazier? This scene wasn’t created by MCU! They had actually outsourced an Indian animation company for this scene.

Animation outsourcing can help almost every industry in their projects. Whether it is a gaming project, an animation project or perhaps even a VFX project, you can outsource it from the numerous animation companies in India and other affordable countries.

Why Should You Outsource Animation in 2023?

7 Benefits Of Hiring An Animation Studio vs. Freelancer

As an animation studio you’ve probably faced issues related to time crunches, extra workload or maybe somethings aren’t a part of your company’s capabilities. We’ve all been there. Sometimes, animation projects can be so huge that you would probably require the entire US Marine Force to help you carry the load. 

Furthermore, there is nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to taking some extra help. If James Cameron had not taken some extra help from Indian animation outsourcing studios, Avatar (2009) would have been released in this decade. The animators and VFX artists from the studios would have probably run off to Pandora if they had to carry the entire workload. 

If outsourcing animation services had been so prominent in 2009, it is obvious that animation outsourcing in 2023 is just as common, if not more.  So, why should you avail animation outsourcing? Well, here are the benefits of hiring an animation outsourcing studio: 

#1 You can actually turn into a superhero and work for 24 hours

Working for 24 hours with no sleep sounds next to impossible. However, if you outsource your work, you can work wherever the sun rises. Confused? Take this situation for example.

India and America are on opposite sides of the earth. When the sun sets on one side, it rises on the other. Now, what if the sun never sets on your work? When you outsource your work from another country, your project can be worked on ‘round the clock, literally!  So, this helps you save time and get your deadlines met at time. 

#2 You won’t have to cancel that office party due to “budget constraints”

Now, what if you had to build a different office to accommodate a bigger team? Not to forget, you’d have to pay out the teams, take care of their office based expenses all while maintaining multiple offices. Enough to give your bank account a heart attack, right?

Outsourcing is actually a cost cutting solution. When you hire animation outsourcing studios in India, you can actually save up to 70% of the development costs due to cheap labour. You will be paying the studio for their services while saving yourself from additional costs. What more? You’ll receive high quality projects too. 


#3 Stop wasting your time on training people who leave soon after

Have you ever trained employees to enhance their skills and ended up losing them right after they learnt everything from you? It’s pretty sad and disappointing, we know. 

When you hire an animation outsourcing company, you don’t have to train people to work for you. You are getting a pool of people who are talented and filled with expertise. It’s a win-win situation. 

What Animation Services Can Be Outsourced From India

Outsourcing isn’t just limited to big named companies reaching out to cheap Indian labour for their VFX work and taking off with the Oscar. Let’s be real, India’s cheap labour, time saving services and talented artists are a real attraction for many Hollywood producers. However, you should probably get rid of the misconception that we are only good at adding greenscreen renders. 

Animation outsource companies in India are much more than post production edits. From outsourcing 3D animation to motion capture services, India has become a hub for animation outsource works from all over the world. Take a look at the top animation outsourcing services you can avail: 

#1 3D animation outsourcing in India

7 Benefits Of Hiring An Animation Studio vs. Freelancer

Computer and monitor of graphic animator creating video game, modeling motion, processing video file, using professional editor. Vector illustration for graphic design, art, designer workplace concept

Remember that “Hakuna Matata” sequence from “The Lion King” where Pumbaa, Timon and Simba were dancing around? Well, you’ll be surprised to find Disney outsourcing animation services from outsource companies in India for this scene! 

The quality was totally indistinguishable, right? That is the power of outsourcing animation from an animations company that is big on 3D animation outsourcing with high quality outputs. Moreover, it is not just 3D movie animation outsourcing you can indulge in. You can reach out to animation companies for game animation outsourcing, 3D product animations and much more. 

 #2 2D animation outsourcing in India

Now, let’s say you are a product animation company. You are creating an animated ad for product launch but your client wants a 2D product explainer a few days before the launch (yeah, clients can be like a Grim Reaper walking around, we know . So, you are short on time as well as staff. What will you do? 

This is the perfect time to hire a 2D animation outsourcing company. From giving you the extra hands you may need to helping you hit deadlines on time, outsourcing can save the day. Whether it is for a 2D product explainer or a 2D animated film, you can outsource 2D animation and save money, time as well as resources. 

#3 Character modelling outsourcing in India 

If you’ve watched Guardians of the Galaxy, you must have loved the characters of Groot and Racoon. From their personalities to unique character design, everything seemed out of this world. Now, here’s a fact that will blow your mind. Marvel outsourced the character modelling of Groot and Racoon from an animation company in India. 

So, if you are running low on resources to hire an entire team of 3D character artists, or maybe your team already has a lot on their plate, you can hire a character modelling company to outsource animation work to them. From 2d character concept arts to 3D character modelling, you can get anything done from a good character modelling company.

#4 VFX outsourcing in India

7 Benefits Of Hiring An Animation Studio vs. Freelancer

From “Life of Pi” to “Dune”, many Oscar winning movies have actually had their VFX work outsourced from various VFX companies in India.  Why do producers prefer to outsource VFX from Indian studios? Well, VFX can be a time consuming process and requires a lot of labour too. To cut down the costs of these aspects, companies choose countries like India that provide these services at a 70% reduced development cost. 

So, if you’ve been wanting to get your VFX done while saving time, money and resources, outsourcing VFX and CGI animation could help you get your movie released in time without reducing the quality. 

#5  Motion capture outsourcing in India

If you watched Avatar, you are probably aware of the fact that it was shot through the technique of motion capture. Motion capture requires a proper data clean up before it can be processed for animation. This is a very tedious project. So naturally, they reached out to various Indian studios for outsourcing motion capture data clean up services. 

Similarly you could reach out to a motion capture studio in India and outsource your work from them while you work on other aspects of the movie. In fact, you could even take help of motion capture studios in India with their own MoCap suit to help create realistic animation for your game development process.

Don’t have the time to design characters for your project?


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7 Benefits Of Hiring An Animation Studio vs. Freelancer

Now that you’ve reached the end of this blog, you’re probably convinced that outsourcing is the most economical and seamless way to get big projects done on time. Outsourcing animation is not just limited to movies. You can ease your burden no matter what industry you belong to. From gaming animation to architectural animation and even commercial animations, all of these can be outsourced when you choose the right animation company.

Remember, when you hire an outsource animation company, you are not accepting defeat. You are accepting a helping hand that will help you climb the ladder to success faster and higher. So, just drop in your details and get started with your outsourcing details.