What Advances Have Changed Anime Production Over Time?

Anime has come a long way since it started in the early ages. Evolving into a global phenomenon we should thank our technologies that have shaped that industry in such a way that it has expanded its storytelling potential.
Anime Production

Anime has come a long way since it started in the early ages. Evolving into a global phenomenon we should thank our technologies that have shaped that industry in such a way that it has expanded its storytelling potential. Whether you’re just an anime viewer or a die-hard fan of Anime, understanding how technology has transformed from the earlier days of creating Anime. Earlier were the days when artists used to create smooth transitions of movement with the help of paper and pencil which is also known as the traditional way of creating lifelike animations. Nowadays, the creation of any motion is way different than what it was earlier. Because of technological advancements now artists can create motions with the help of digital tabs. If you’re curious about 3D animation, look nothing beyond Incredimate Studio, which is the best 3D Animation Studio in India.

Early Stages of Anime Production

Back in the time, when the production of anime was a time and labor-intensive task. Animators and modelers used to draw each frame with their hands, which requires a lot of patience and a pair of hands full of skills. What if I tell you that you need to draw thousands of images that too just to create a single episode? Earlier the animators used to face numerous tasks and challenges while creating a single piece of epidose. Despite these challenges, they laid the foundation and created a platform that is now a million-dollar industry.

The Beginning of Digital Animation

The introduction of Digital Software marked a change and a severe turning point in the production line of Anime. With the help of Digital Animation artists could use computers to create and edit frames which helped them with a speedy output. The cultural shift from hand-drawn images to using digital tablets not only made the production timeline more efficient but also allowed creators to make some more complex animations. Digital animation helped open new possibilities, enabling animators to try and test out different forms of styles and techniques that they were unaware of using.

Use of Computer-Generated Imagery in Anime

Computer-generated imagery made its entry into the industry back in the 1980s and 90s. In the beginning, CGI was used in the anime just to create some special effects or complex scenes. As technology has evolved with time usage of CGI has become more common in the creation of Anime. As of today, CGI is a very important factor in Anime creation to make some cool and stunning visuals and some dynamic action sequences that attract the audience.

The Impact of 3D Animation in Anime

3D Animation has taken the world of anime to another level. Thanks to the rise of the studios like Incredimate which is the best 3D Animation Studio in India. 3D animation offers various benefits over the traditional methods of creating an episode like the 3D character modeling, and 3d design of the character. By using 3D elements animators and modelers can bring their stories to life in ways that were not possible to create earlier. The mixture of 2D and 3D animation has resulted in some of the most impressive anime in recent years.

Use of Motion Capture Technology in Anime

Motion Capture Technology, or mo-cap technology determines the motion of live actors, and using this one particular technology in the creation of Anime has helped a lot in the making of it. The Mo-cap technology helps to create a much more real lifelike movement of the character that the creators can use in the making process of the anime. Mo-cap is used for some action-packed scenes to give a complex choreography and addition of realism that enhances the viewing experience. Different production studios have successfully used mo-cap technology to bring characters to real life.

Enhanced Sound Design

Be it an Anime, a 2D Animated Film, or let it be a 3D animated film, sound design has been a crucial component. In recent years we have seen a change and enhancement in the sound design of anime. High-definition audio has started to contribute so that the overall experience can be enhanced. You think for a moment, will you like the series having a poor sound output, and on the other hand, consider a series having a crystal clear and high definition sound output having nice background music that suits and goes according to the background. Which one would opt for watching, definitely the one with the high-quality sound right? This is where the sound design works in favor of the Series.


The technological advancements in the creation of an anime series have evolved and it has transformed the production pipeline of the industry in recent years. From hand-drawn animation to digital animation, to the usage of Computer-generated imagery, this industry has gone way more creative to produce the output in such a captivating way that it hooks the attention of the audience. And if you are thinking of getting yourself an Anime created, don’t worry, feel free to get in touch with the best 3d design studio in India.

Frequently Asked Questions

The biggest and the significant change in the production line of the anime creation was the process of shifting from hand-drawn animations to digital animations. 

3D Animation has changed the perspective of the traditional creation process of anime by using 3d character modeling while creating an episode of an anime. Using 3d elements can help get the best output for the animators and as well as the viewers could also find it captivating.

Earlier CGI was only used in Anime to create some special effects, but now CGI is actively used in the creation of Anime to showcase the best choreography of Anime.

Sound design is very much crucial for anime as it gives life. Having a series to watch without any sound output is of no use that’s why animators pay more attention to detail in the post-production part of Anime creation.

The future of Anime holds a great place in the Industry just not because of the evolution from where it has come but also the cultural shift it has witnessed.



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