Which Cartoon is Mostly Watched Worldwide?

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Cartoon is Mostly Watched Worldwide

Welcome Folks to a New and Fresh Cartoon Animated Series Blog where you will be witnessing that which is the best and most watched Cartoon Animated Show Worldwide. When it comes to the topic of Cartoon series we all remember those Golden Days when we all used to sit together in front of the Television waiting for our favorite cartoon Animated Show to broadcast. All of us including Incredimate Studio as well, Cartoon Show is something which used to bring joy to everyone’s face. Don’t forget to read this blog till the end so that you can identify whether it was your favorite cartoon or not. Join us on this journey where we are going to uncover this for you with the best 3D Animation Studio in India. 

The Evolution of Cartoon Animated Shows

The evolution of Cartoon Animated Shows began in the early 20th century with the colonizers and pioneers like Walt Disney who came into the marketplace and settled down with their Character named Mickey Mouse. These early animations were created hand-drawn using frame-by-frame animation bringing one’s vision to life.

The Shift from Hand Drawn Animation to Digital

The Animation process has changed a lot over the years. Earlier the Animation process used to be frame by frame and each frame used to be drawn by hand. That was also an era when each of the frames used to be created by hand. That period was comparatively difficult because if you make even a simple mistake it is to be erased and used to be drawn again according to frames so that the movement and motion could be seamless and it should not feel like the movement is getting disturbed. And now because of the digital board, it is very easy to create a smooth movement of character or motion.

The Competitors in the List:-

1. Tom & Jerry

We can surely bet on this that everyone must have watched this one particular Cartoon Series once in a lifetime. The iconic Cat and Mouse Duo fights for peculiar things now and then. Tom & Jerry has had a strong fan base since this particular Cartoon Series made its debut in 1940. Their wildly playful and mischievous humor and their dialogue have eliminated the language barrier making it go viral all over the world.

2. SpongeBob SquarePants

The legacy of the Character and the unique language that could connect people of all ages is what SpongeBob SquarePants is known for. This Cartoon Animated Show’s humorous storytelling has been translated into successful comic books. People know this Cartoon Animated Show as an Animated Comedy Show about a sea sponge and his underwater stories with his friends. 

3. Pokemon

Pokemon is a Japanese manga animation series that also consists of video games, motion pictures, playing cards, and other related media. This TV series, which has gained worldwide popularity, chronicles the adventures of Ash Ketchum and his beloved Pikachu. This television show represents genuine friendship and a sincere companion who is there for his spouse in times of need.  One of the most-watched animated cartoon shows on television is Pokemon. This animated cartoon series is more than just something to see. It is altogether a journey that one surely wants to go on.

4. Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball is a Japanese iconic Manga Series that has caught the attention of the viewers just because of the Character Goku and his fellow Warriors. This Manga Series is particularly famous in the region of Asia and some parts of Latin America. This TV series is famous among youngsters and kids because of the Action-packed Battles with each other. We here at Incredimate Studio can create the same Animated Series for you with our unique 3D Character Modeling

5. Mickey Mouse

The OG Mickey Mouse is an American Animated TV series produced by Disney Television Animation. This American Animated Series has versions like Mickey Mouse Funhouse, The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse, Mickey Mouse Mixed-Up Adventures, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse etc. This Animated TV series is all about the fun and joy these characters share. Rest we leave this thing on to your shoulders to decide which Cartoon Series is to be at the Top Position in the List.


Having the different views of Cartoon Animated Series these are some mostly watched cartoons worldwide that the audience love to watch when they are free of their schedule. Don’t forget that these are the most-watched Cartoons and there is no such comparison as which one comes on the top of the list. We here at the best 3d Design Company in India can create the same level of Cartoon Animations because of our lovely Animators. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Animations have changed the landscapes of CArtoons by producing the output in much less time and by saving production time as compared to Hand-Drawn Animation.

Yes, of course, Classic Cartoons like Tom & Jerry and Mickey Mouse are equally famous today as they were earlier.

The Iconic TV Animated Cartoon Series Tom & Jerry made its first Debut back in the year 1940. Because of the mischievous behavior of both the Cat and the mouse, this Cartoon Show got the reputation of where it is as of now.

Dragon Ball is a Japanese Iconic Manga Series which got broadcast on Television as well and there were an ample amount of people who got mad by watching this Series. The Show caught the attention of the viewers with the help of their action-paced fights.

Mickey Mouse is an American TV Animated Series that was produced by Disney Television Animation. When it started to get famous the production house decided to release its newer versions so that the audience would not get bored watching the same Series time and again.



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