What is the process of making 3D medical Animation?


Animation has taken a vital spot in the medical field, and Incredimate provides a wide range of medical animation services that can be used for several processes. Medical animation is a short video intended to be a tutorial or procedure that is made by the use of a 3D animation process and 3D graphic software with the help of computers. They are generally made for showing the physiological and surgical process that is used in medical fields. They are mainly made for the patients to understand the process better and for the students to learn the procedures in a better way. The Incredimates have a team of experienced professionals that can provide 3D medical animation.

Process of making 3D medical animation

There are several steps that are used while making medical animation, and each step is important for various functions of the animation video. There are several software that is used for making a perfect animation and the steps that include are:


Choosing the required software.

This is the first and the most important step in creating a 3D medical animation. There are steps to create a medical animation and each step has its importance, many designers use different software for the different steps to complete but that may consume more time and hard work. That is why there is different all-in-one 3D animation software that offers a whole package that also includes the final rendering. The steps that should be followed while creating a 3D medical animation include Pre-production, storyboarding, 3D modeling, Lighting, Texturing and coloring, and the final step is to render and edit the video finally with final touches.


Pre-production of 3D medical animation


The pre-production is considered to be the start of the idea of the medical animation, the clients and the animators sit together and discuss the ideas and content of the animation because that only decides what the animation will look like.


The Pre-production includes two main parts and those are:  


Setting the timeline and deadline of the project: In this step, the clients share their necessary timelines in which the parts of the medical animation are completed, also the budget and final deadline is discussed in this phase. The Incredimate has the finest animators that meet the deadlines and provide 3D medical services at the best costing possible.


Deciding the contents by observing the vision of the client: This is the most important phase of creating a 3d experience with a medical animation video. The final vision and ideas of the clients are discussed and observed by the animators at the Incredimate. Sometimes this phase becomes the last chance for the clients to make any changes or update any details before the animators start the other processes.


Storyboarding of 3D medical videos.


Storyboarding is the main framework of 3D medical animation. Incredimate is one of the leading 3d animation companies and they have professionals that have great knowledge regarding medical fields. They can provide ultimate services regarding medical animation videos and also have the top 3D animators in the team. In this phase, the final ideas and vision of the clients are taken by the animators clearly so that they can turn it into an animation perfectly.


The 3D animating team of the Incredimates think and take some time to figure out and design the key elements and parts of the Medical animation video to meet the goals and timelines planned in the Pre-production phase. They try to plan the execution of the video in such a way it is easy to understand and at the same time is informational for both normal people and medical professionals. The storyboarding phase comprises 4 different important elements.


●    Composition is the factor that is responsible for the video that shows how it looks in the viewer's aspect as different single parts and also as a whole.


●    The incredimate professionals who make 3D medical animations keep track and emphasize the proportions of the elements and objects used in the video. This helps the viewers to better understand the different objects and body organs including the tissues.


●    The next important factor is that helps in understanding the procedures. Action is basically the movement that is describing the procedure and the medical event that is meant to be shown in the animation. It is A very crucial stage because the whole point of the video depends on it.


●    Colour calibration is the last step that helps in keeping the elements and animation realistic and the 3D medical animation team at Incredimate also keeps an eye to contrast the elements colourful so that different organs and tissues of the body are differentiable.


3D modelling in Medical animation

3d modeling

3d modeling


This is the next phase of a 3D medical animation, Incredimates is a leading 3D animation company that has the most skilled and professional animators who work with dedication to provide the best 3D models for a Medical animation video. This phase starts after the storyboarding phase when the other elements of the animation video are set and planned, the 3D modelling is started.


This is the phase where the 2D elements that are used in the storyboard are converted into 3D models with the help of various 3D modelling software's into the computer. The 3D modelling helps in giving a realistic look to different components of the animated video so that it comes out as a real looking medical operation. It also helps in getting a special and deep look so that different objects and tissues can be distinguished.


The 3D models are made by creating and using small points in a 3D space and connecting them to form a base skeleton for the model, all these are done in 3D modelling software. The other process includes 3D sculpting, in this process, the models are made by sculpting a real-life model with the help of the hands of an artist, and the main problem of this technique is that it doesn't come out to be precise and accurate as a 3D model.


Texturing a 3D medical animation

3d texturing

3d texturing


Incredimate provides the all-in-one solution for 3D medical animation, and the finishing game of their animators are really strong; they stand out in their animation finishes. The next part of their 3D medical animation is texturing, in this process, they add volume, contrast and realistic nature to the elements of the video.


Lighting a 3D medical animation


Lighting sounds to be the easiest part of making a 3D medical animation, but it is one of the most important stages of creating an animation. In the first stages the 3D scenes look dull and dark, the light brings texture, depth and colour to the objects and elements of the video. It helps in placing attention to the actions and texturing the objects more gracefully.


Rendering the animation video


It is the last step of creating a 3D medical animation video. The Incredimate has the best 3d animators that have top class skills and can use the latest rendering technology. They provide seamless and accurate rendering finishes that help the video to be precise.

The rendering of a video means placing every individual part of the video sequentially in a 2D space. Then the sequence is played accordingly to give a motion to the different scales.