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Privacy Policy

This detailed privacy policy guide will assist you in understanding how Incredimate uses and safeguards the data that users give us by visiting our company website.

Incredimate reserves all rights to modify this privacy policy anytime. However, Incredimate will prompt its users about any updates made to the policy. To ensure that our users are updated according to the modifications done to this policy, we advise our users to frequently visit and read this policy.

What User Information We Collect

When users visit our website, we may ask them the following information:

Their IP address.
  • Their contact details or email addresses.
  • Other data such as likes and preferences.
  • General browsing interests or their regular online behavior on this website.

Why We Collect Your Data

Incredimate collects your data to meet several needs:

  • To have a better understanding of your needs.
  • To upgrade our products and services.
  • To send relevant promotional information through emails to our users that contain offers that we think our users will find benefits.
  • To contact our users to complete surveys or participate in any other kinds of market research.
  • To customize or modify our website offerings based on our user's online behavior and/or their personal preferences.

Safeguarding and Securing the Data

Incredimate Animation is purely committed to the safekeeping of our users' data and storing it confidentially. Incredimate Animations has done everything in its power to safeguard against data theft, prevent unauthorized access, and disclosure. Incredimate has implemented the latest tech and software to ensure we keep all the data collected online safely.

Our Cookie Policy

Once users agree to accept our website's cookie policy, they also lend consent to utilize the data collected for analyzing their online behavior (like analyzing web traffic, or web pages that they spend most of their time on, and the websites they visit).

The data that our website collects by utilizing cookies are employed to customize or modify our website to meet our users' needs. After we utilize the data collected for statistical analysis, the entire data is immediately deleted from our databases

Please note: Giving consent or accepting cookies does not allow our website or company to gain control over your browser or computer in any way. The cookies are strictly utilized to monitor or evaluate the kind of pages or content you generally consume or find useful, and to monitor which kind of content you dislike so that Incredimate can provide you a better experience. If you wish to disable cookies on our website, you can easily do it through the settings page of your PC's internet browser.

Links to Other Websites

Incredimate website contains outside links that reach other websites. If any user clicks on any of these links, Incredimate Animations is not responsible for what happens to your data's privacy on the outside website. Visiting these external websites or their policies are not governed by any clause given in this Incredimate privacy policy document. Make sure you read the entire privacy policy of the website you visit by clicking any link on our website.

Restricting the Collection of your Personal Data

At any point in time, users might wish to restrict the utilization of the collection of their data. They can do this through the following steps:

When filling out any form on our website that collects information, ensure to recheck if there is any box that you can leave unchecked, in case you do not want to reveal your data.

If you have already decided to share your personal information with us, feel free to get in touch with us at [email protected] ¬†and we shall be very happy to assist you in the issue.

Incredimate Animations shall not sell, lease, or circulate your data to any other third-party companies or websites, without your consent. We might have to do so if the law forces us. Your data will be used only when we want to send you any promotional material after you agree to this privacy policy.