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Every one of our artists communicates in a remarkable visual language. They can offer you the broadness of their viewpoint and experience. We can assist you with tracking down the language that recounts your story.


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What Storyboard is all about

A storyboard is a visual portrayal or grouping of representations, pictures, or drawings organized in sequential request. It fills in as a pre-perception device utilized in different imaginative fields, for example, filmmaking, movement, promoting, and sight and sound creation, to frame the vital scenes or components of a venture. Storyboards assist with outlining the account, pacing, and visual arts, supporting the preparation and correspondence of thoughts among colleagues.

In the realm of filmmaking, storyboards become a cinematic blueprint, providing a roadmap for each scene, composition, camera angles, and character placement. Animation relies heavily on storyboards to depict the progression of frames, ensuring smooth and coherent motion. In advertising, storyboards visualize the progression of a campaign, aiding in the alignment of visuals with the intended message.

This visual narrative planning tool facilitates efficient communication among team members, fostering a shared understanding of the project’s creative direction. It allows directors, animators, marketers, and other collaborators to synthesize ideas, refine concepts, and ensure cohesive storytelling. The storyboard’s sequential layout is instrumental in gauging the flow of the narrative, identifying potential gaps or pacing issues, and refining visual elements for maximum impact.

Ultimately, storyboards serve as a collaborative canvas, where the fusion of imagination and practicality occurs. They streamline the creative process, enhancing teamwork, and ensuring that the final product seamlessly aligns with the envisioned narrative, making it an indispensable asset across diverse creative disciplines.

Rating & Review

Dinesh Patel


Incredimate’s motion data clean-up service is simply outstanding! They took our raw motion capture data and transformed it into a flawless animation with impeccable precision. Every subtle movement was refined to perfection, resulting in animations that exceeded our expectations. The attention to detail and commitment to quality were truly remarkable.

Alejandro Diaz


I had the pleasure of working with Incredimate’s motion capture suit for my game development project, and I must say, it was a lifesaver! The motion capture team at Incredimate integrated the captured data into our game very seamlessly. The animations were smooth, natural, and added a whole new level of immersion to our gameplay

Fatima Al-Hussein


The talent and creativity of Incredimate animators bring our characters to life in a way that cross our imaginations. We didn’t have to buy a motion capture suit because they already had it. Cost of service and quality of service was very very nice. This is a very good motion capture studio.

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