5 Animated Marketing Videos to Boost Your Business in 2023

Do you want to know how big brands make the best animated marketing videos? Google to Starbucks, every brand from every niche has been investing into animated ads. Want to know what? From animated explainer videos to 3D commercial ads, know how you can get more sales with animated ads....

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Do you want to create the greatest ad of all time but lack the funds to hire Tom Cruise? Perhaps you are thinking of creating a marketing video for a business that spreads like wildfire. Well, you don’t really need the world’s best actor or a truckload of marketing funds to create an everlasting impression on your audience. All you need is the right idea and the best animation company to create animated marketing videos.

Now, if you aren’t inclined towards the idea of using animated marketing ads for your business, here’s a stat that might buy you in; 87% of businesses say video marketing has helped them increase sales. It is no wonder that Coca-Cola, Google, AirBnb, and many other Fortune 500 brands have been using animated ads to promote their products, spread their messages or explain their services. Don’t believe us? Scroll down to the last bit of this blog!

So, let’s look at the different types of animated marketing videos your business could use and the best examples of animated marketing videos in 2023.

What Is An Animated Marketing Video?

An animated marketing video is any commercial video that promotes your company and helps you achieve your marketing goals. Animated marketing ads are one of the best ways to promote your product, explain your service, or even spread your brand story to an audience.

So, how does animation play a role in commercial videos? Animation helps you incorporate likable brand mascots, easily explain complex services easily, or spread a brand message without making a boring video.

These animated marketing videos are frequently shown on TV, featured as ads before your youtube video, and even posted on your favorite brand’s social media page. Imagine your animated commercial playing on these platforms. 84% of the watchers decide to purchase after watching a video. So, get ready to be drowning in leads and customers!

How Do Animated Marketing Videos Help Businesses?

Using animated marketing videos is a great marketing strategy for your business. First of all, it helps convey complex ideas in any way possible. Do you want to show how your software helps your clients? Showing the actual mechanism could be confusing and super boring (sorry). However, if you replaced that video with an animated explainer video, you could sell your idea to more people!

Animated ads can help create a brand identity. Nothing can limit an animated advertisement: gravity, science, logic – none of these limit your creativity. Animated commercial videos are more likely remembered because of the exaggerated situation or the cool animated characters they use. Take Red Bull for an example. They *quite literally* give their characters those wings they talk about. The result? People remember the brand as well as its tagline.

Make an unforgettable impact on your audience.

Animated commercial ads usually appeal to a broader audience. Let’s be honest; cartoons are the best way to grab a kid’s attention. Need to sell your product to kids? Just show it come to life or their favorite characters using it. However, animations are not just limited to kids. Take a look at “Rick and Morty” ’s viewer demographics. So animated marketing videos can reach out to a wide viewer demographic.

What Types Of Animated Videos Can Be Used For Marketing?

Every marketing strategy has a different aim. Therefore, the same animation technique can’t be used for every type of commercial ad. Animated marketing videos can be categorized into five types of formats.

Factors that decide cost of hiring 3D animation studio - Incredimate

Animated Explainer Videos

An explainer video is the best choice to help explain your product or service to customers. They are the easiest way to tell an audience about what your business does. Explainer videos are useful for creating an awareness type of advert. These videos could range from vivid 2D animated explainers to dynamic 3D or stop motion explainer videos.

You must be thinking, “What makes an explainer video the best choice for marketing?” When it comes to explainer videos, simplicity is key. Animated explainer videos have a short, to-the-point narration and a clear CTA at the end.

Additionally, they use the perfect blend of text, visuals, and storytelling to convey your brand’s personality through a video. Explainer videos perform well when they are under a minute long. Make sure that your brand message is conveyed concisely and clearly.

Typography Videos for Marketing

When you want to convey your message boldly, typography videos are the best choice. Let’s say you are rebranding your business. Using typography videos will help maintain attention to one thing: your brand. And that’s not just it! Any announcement – sales, new releases, collaborations – is best conveyed via typography videos.

The best part about typography videos is that you can use your brand font, colors, and tone without worrying about poor visibility. The right animators can easily create backgrounds and effects to make sure that your message is visible in clarity. Moreover, these videos can be shared on any platform to ensure a broad audience reach.

Whiteboard Animation Marketing

Just like explainer videos, whiteboard animations come in use when you need to explain concepts. However, the difference between whiteboard animation and explainer videos is their purpose. While explainers can be used from a sales perspective, whiteboard animation videos are used educationally.

You need to explain your educational talk with some cool visuals. Using whiteboard animation can help you grow your brand digitally.

Storytelling Animated Ads For Marketing

Let’s drop down to the coolest type of ads. Think of the best ads you’ve come across. What is common between all of these ads? The storyline! When it comes to creating memorable ads, a great story can do wonders.

Why is storytelling important for ads? Whether you are going for a 2D animated ad or a 3D commercial video, using storytelling in your marketing video can help spread the word with finesse and emotions. When an audience connects with your ad campaign emotionally, it drives them to purchase or invest in your product.

Got an idea in your mind? Let’s make an amazing animated ad!

Marketing With Product Animations

Imagine you are launching a new product. How would you want your audience to visualize this product? Product animation is the best way to showcase your products in the most captivating and visually stunning manner.

Whether launching a new product or using a video for a sales pitch, product animations can help your audience understand your product. From ingredients to working to uses, this category of marketing videos can help boost sales!

The Best Examples of Animated Marketing Videos of 2023

Now that you’ve understood the variety of videos you could use for your marketing campaign look at these amazing animated ads and let inspiration strike while the metal is hot.

We have compiled some of the best animated videos famous brands use for marketing campaigns this year.

AirBnB’s Explainer Video Marketing Campaign

Take a look at this marketing campaign for AirBnB. This is the perfect way to introduce your new service using the perfect blend of storytelling with a 3D animated explainer video.

Coca-Cola’s Storytelling Marketing Video

This ad by Coca-Cola is an amazing way to celebrate the festive season with your audience. The beautiful characters catch out to both kids as well as adults, making a broad viewer demographic. Additionally, it keeps intact the warm feeling of togetherness that this brand always promotes.

Burger King’s Typography Marketing Campaign

While this video is 2 years old, it still has BK’s audience swooning over the visuals and branding. When Burger King revamped their branding, they chose typography and motion graphic videos to announce it to the world. The result: a phenomenal marketing campaign that went viral all over the internet.

Google Introduces Bard With Explainer Video

When Google decided to launch Bard, they went the simple way – 2D animated explainer videos. This beautiful blend of visuals and words helped them inform a wide audience about how their new service could help solve issues.

Launch your service with a bang.

Are Ready To Elevate Your Business With Animated Marketing?

Whether you are a SaaS company or a fast food brand, a hospitality brand or a giant product brand, there’s a type of animated marketing video for everyone out there. Each of these brands as well as animation styles have a little something to teach – a hint of inspiration that could fuel your own commercial ad in 2023.

And hey, if you find yourself needing some backup, our team of seasoned designers and animators are right here. We’re all about bringing your super fresh and inspiring commercial ad ideas to life, and helping you blast your messages and visions out to the world with some serious style and imagination! So, come over and connect with us right away!