How eCommerce Companies Can Grow Using Incredimate’s 3D Product Models

Incredimate’s new, revolutionary service is helping eCommerce companies rope in bigger audiences and more sales. This simple addition to your website could help increase the footfall on your website. Want to know how? Keep reading!

Are you experiencing the following: Your competitors are boasting about their sales while you have a corner piling up with returned packages? Or maybe your competitor’s website traffic is busier than Mumbai’s NH 48 , while your eCommerce platform feels like an empty street? If that’s the case, this blog offers you an actual solution to drawing in higher sales and lowering package returns.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, it’s important to understand what your audience needs. This lies in the basics of online shopping. People switched to this platform because it’s easier. However, everyone wants the best of both worlds. So, how would you grow?


How can you blend the ease of online shopping with the credibility of offline shopping? The answer is 3D product modelling! How exactly?When it comes to online shopping, the only way you can sell your product to an audience is by showcasing it. However, simply featuring static images of products is no longer the way to go.

Several things could go wrong when conveying your product to an audience via photography and imaging. The lighting, the angle, the camera quality – anything could make your picture misleading. Not to forget that the customers can’t see the product from *every* angle.

This is where 3D product models come in . Firstly, you would get a digital copy of your product that could be uploaded across various platforms, bringing your product to the world. If you feel trendy, you could even use that digital copy as an NFT!

Next up, we can integrate these 3D product models into your eCommerce platform to ensure that users can interact with it and view it from every angle and at any depth. This level of immersion significantly enhances customer engagement and confidence in their purchase decisions. Talking of immersion and digital environments, here’s another thing 3D product models can do!


Let’s go back to the good old days when you would head to your favourite Nike outlet to buy a new pair of Air Jordans. The addictive scent of new merchandise would immediately hit you. You’d locate the shoes you wanted and would try them on to check out your new drip.

While you can’t replicate the olfactory dimension, you can recreate the feeling of trying on new shoes. Our 3D product models can be integrated with virtual try-on platforms. So whether you’re selling shoes, dresses, or even a sofa, your potential customers can view what it would look like in real life!

Trust us, this AR try-on feature not only boosts customer convenience but also reduces the likelihood of returns, as shoppers can make more informed choices before placing an order. Think also of how your carbon footprint is reduced when you order a product that is verified digitally, with less packaging waste and fuel consumption to ship/return/reship products.

In fact, you can even take a look at this case study here.


If you’ve reached this far, you’re probably thinking of investing in Incredimate Studio’s “incredible” service. Investing: now that sounds problematic. When there’s a service that promises you so much in one go, there’s the concern that it’ll  make your wallet a little light, right?

Not here! Every product deserves its digital twin. Therefore, you don’t have to choose between which product gets twinned and which one doesn’t. Our pricing ensures you don’t have to compromise to avail of this service.

Now that this has been cleared, let’s move onto another issue that may be niggling at you – time constraints. With thousands of products in your catalogue, creating digital copies could take ages, right? Not so for Incredimate Studio
Incredimate Studio has developed its own AI system that can join hands with its incredible 3D artists to speed up this process without compromising 3D product model quality. This will ensure that more of your products have their digital twin in less time because, let’s be real, time is money.


You made it to the end! Know what that means? You’re all set to help your audience view your products from every angle while allowing them to try on your products virtually. The best part is that this can be done at low costs and unbelievable service turnarounds while maintaining high-quality 3D models.
As businesses strive to stay relevant and meet customer expectations, embracing AI-driven solutions like Incredimate’s will undoubtedly pave the way for a more engaging, immersive, and sustainable retail experience. The future of retail is here, and Incredimate Studio is at the forefront of this groundbreaking transformation.



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