Marvel Entertainment Introduces a New Iron Man Game

With the sudden demise of the armored hero, Iron man fans were dismayed and in doubt as to whether they’ll ever see Iron Man in action again or not. However, Marvel Entertainment plans to bring Iron Man back in action with an all-new Iron Man game in collaboration with Motive Studio.

With the sudden demise of the armored hero, Iron man fans were dismayed and in doubt as to whether they’ll ever see Iron Man in action again or not. However, Marvel Entertainment plans to bring Iron Man back in action with an all-new Iron Man game in collaboration with Motive Studio. Marvel fans would be able to experience watching and playing Tony Stark in an all-new realm with the ventures this game plans to bring out. The awe-inspiring superhero will be returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe thanks to the brand new video game Marvel as well as Motive Studio plans to bring forward.

Iron Man is Back into the Multiverse World

Tony Stark’s heroic death, which became the most pivotal moment in MCU, to save the world left his fans in a feeling of euphoric shock and eternal dismay. While some hoped for him to get back to life in some other part of the multiverse while watching the post-credit scenes, Marvel permanently cut off its ties to the character. However, the glorious superhero would be back into the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the new game both established entertainment worlds plan to bring forward. The character of Iron Man, formerly played by Robert Downey Jr., would now be played by YOU. This means that fans will now be able to enjoy the feeling of being a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe again, this time as Iron Man, the hero who lost his life to fight off Thanos and save the world from mass destruction.

The Developers and What They Bring to the Table

EA’s Motive Studio is collaborating with Marvel Entertainment to bring back yet another dead superhero to life in its gaming line. Shortly after releasing the teaser for its World War 2-based untitled game featuring Captain America and Black Panther, Marvel announced its plans to bring back Tony Stark in an action-packed game. This game will be developed by Motive Studio, a Montreal-based studio that recently developed “Star Wars: Squadron.” The promising studio, with its development in EA’s Dead Space remake, showcases that it is well capable of working with big-name companies. Motive Studio has a talented team that uses innovation and calculated risks in game development to enhance the Gamer-UI interface. With an expert team consisting of 3D artists, designers, concept artists, creative genius, illustrators, game testers, texture artists, and many more, the Patrick Klaus lead company will now handle Marvel’s new upcoming video game project.


Past Projects

The Electronic Arts company has worked on several projects, including “Star Wars: Squadron” and “Star Wars: Battlefront II.” The company has worked with multiplayer, single-player modes in virtual reality (VR) gameplay and offline and online modes.”

Our Speculations for the Untitled Game

While the game is currently in the pre-production phase with a teaser yet to be released, we can expect either of the companies to drop in more details along the development of the Iron Man video game. However, based on what past activity we’ve seen in games launched by both established entertainment worlds, here’s what we can expect from the unnamed Marvel and Electronic Arts’ Iron Man game.

Gaming Platform

Marvel recently launched two games, Guardians of the Galaxy and Future Revolution, which are available on gaming consoles and mobile devices, respectively. On the other hand, Motive Studios has been experimenting with Virtual Reality in its thrilling gameplay. One thing that we can say for sure is that as one of the most anticipated games, the untitled Iron Man video game would have the best 3D animations using state-of-the-art technology and an immersive gameplay experience with the studio’s well-handled VR platform. Whether the new Iron Man game will be available to play with a VR headset or not is yet to be disclosed because the game is said to be from a third-person perspective. The game set, if VR, could include accessories to match the Iron Man Suit enabling players to play with authentic passion like never before!


Gameplay Modes

Motive Studios has been known to work with multiplayer and single-player modes in their games, wherein players can choose the gaming mode. Conversely, Marvel focuses on creating single-player games wherein you can choose or make your character. According to us, they might keep this game in a single-player mode with Tony Stark being the protagonist. Therefore, Players will get to truly play Iron Man in this new game. However, whether they add Ironheart, the replacement of Tony Stark in MCU, in this marvel game is yet to be known.


According to the announcement, the new Iron Man game will feature an authentic and original plot while keeping Iron Man’s rich history intact. Therefore we expect a new and unique story that will be brought forward by the collaborative efforts of Marvel Entertainment and the Motive Studio team. This new game will enable players to relive the life of the legendary hero in a video game-based realm. The third-person action-adventure video game will have an unparalleled storyline created by expert concept artist who aim to keep Iron Man’s rich history intact while maintaining an original narrative.

When is this game set to be released?

With the recent release of the teaser for marvel’s new Captain America-Black Panther game, it is safe to say that Iron Man fans will have to wait for some time to experience the much-awaited game. Marvel plans to release Midnight Suns in December 2022 and the untitled Captain America-Black Panther game by 2023. On the other hand, Motive Studio plans to release its upcoming Dead Space remake on January 27, 2023. With numerous projects on both hands, it is safe to say that we’ll have to wait till 2023 for a trailer, followed by the Iron Man game launch in 2024 or late 2023 at the earliest.

How Will This New Game Change the World of 3D Animation

The field of 3d animation is evolving daily with the arrival of new software. With the arrival of such games, more and more animators are inspired to create something even better. Launching such games can create competition between rival companies, DC in this case, to release something with better imaging and graphics. Such competition will lead to new ideas and even better innovations and implementations. 3D animation has come a long way from where it stood 10 years ago in gaming. Similarly, it will evolve and revolutionize the domain gaming and animation industry in the next 10 years.

Will Marvel Bring Back More Iconic Superheroes in its Video games?

Many fans, including us, have noticed Marvel bringing its beloved characters back into action via new action-packed Marvel games. For example, Steve Rogers and Peter Parker can be seen in action in the new “Midnight Sun” game. The new-fangled Captain America – Black Panther also features the titular heroes who were finished off in the series earlier. Similarly, Iron Man, too, is now getting his own video game. This pattern gives us the hope that we will see new Marvel games some of its most iconic characters like Loki, Dr. Strange, Vision, and many more.



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